Why this project?

I have been overweight for a really long time and have finally found the courage inside to make some changes on the outside.

Growing up in a family where large portions of hearty home cooking were the norm I was always plump but since my last year of university (5 years ago) I have gained a lot of extra weight that I just don’t need to carry any more. I am currently weighing in at 96kg = 211 pounds = 15 stone which is far too much for my 157cm frame!

I have been through some embarrassing moments where people have asked if I’m pregnant or how long I’ve had “weight problems” and it wasn’t enough to spur me into changing something. I’m an emotional eater so when I feel sad or down I turn to food for a burst of happiness. These incidents have each led to a binge of poor food choices and then the sadness comes back.

Yesterday my other half asked me to join him for a run. I hesitated and thought of many reasons why I shouldn’t but realised that I had none for why I couldn’t. I have a body, sports clothes and trainers – that is all you need for running.

This realisation probably seems quite daft to a lot of people but each of us have our own “eureka” moment and this was mine.

I will be using this blog to track my changes from Sloth to Sleek and as a way of keeping myself in check. I will be using fitness resources from blogilates.com as well as YouTube and recipes from various sources to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I hope to improve not only my health and physical fitness but also my mental clarity and focus.

Here goes nothing…



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