Warming recipes for these cold nights


As promised in my previous post (which was definitely too long ago!) here are some warming recipes to keep your belly warm on a winter’s night.

Recipe 1 – Broccoli Soup

I used the bbcgoodfood recipe for this one and it was really tasty. Adjusted the recipe slightly as I didn’t have any rapeseed oil so I used some vegetable oil instead and I swapped out the Stilton (not readily available in France) for some Bleu d’Auvergne instead. It looks very similar:

bleu d'auvergne

The soup simmers away for a good 15 minutes once everything is in:

broccoli soup

And then when it’s all blitzed up it goes the most beautiful pea-green colour:

broccoli soup2

Highly recommend this one for a creamy soup with a nice punchy flavour.

Recipe 2 – Chocolate cookies

Inspired by the recipe on Gimme Some Oven I made a batch of these chocolate chip cookies. Mine were rather chocolate “chunk” cookies as I just chopped up a big bar of dark chocolate. These were so gooey and delicious!

It doesn’t look like much before you ball them up but it’s so worth it!


Because when they come out of the oven warm – you see this gloriousness 🙂

big chewy cookies.jpg

And biting into them is like pillowy soft cookie filled with molten dark chocolate:

melted deliciousness.jpg

These keep well in an airtight container if you don’t want to eat them immediately…

That is the sort of willpower I’m working towards! I had one of these while they were still warm and then another one for a quick breakfast the next day.

Normally, I eat some yoghurt or toast for breakfast so this was a real treat.

I was going to include a cauliflower soup recipe but it went a bit weird and doesn’t look appetising in the photos. I will have another go and upload if successful!

Just got to keep climbing even when things go pear-shaped 😉


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