End of Week 4 – it’s been a tough one


This week has been difficult for various reasons but I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster which has really impacted my motivation.

My energy levels have been so low and so I’ve only managed 2 runs this week (one on Sunday and one on Tuesday) and no Beginners 2.0 exercises. I’ve also had 3 desserts this week which is more than I have had over the last few months! I was feeling pretty low about this and the old feelings of powerlessness started to creep back in.

I was feeling a lot like that poor butterfly above but I realised that I’m getting new trainers tomorrow and some nice wintery joggers so I’ll be all ready to do another run tomorrow afternoon and even some pilates! I can still make up for the time lost before the end of the week on Sunday.

This realisation (after my tea had kicked in) made me feel a lot better about the situation – I haven’t fallen of the track yet but I do need to do something to feel in control again. My goal for tomorrow’s run is to run the whole route without stopping. My OH predicted that this should be possible by the end of January so with my new gear I’m going to give it a damn good go!

My thought for the next week is:


Discipline is something that doesn’t come very easily to me because in the moment I often lose my focus on my goals and give into temptation. I will be saving this image as my phone background to keep reminding myself! I will also tell Elven Princess (my little sister) when I’m feeling tempted by something or too lazy so that she can give me extra inspiration (she’s very good at this!)

I’ve been thinking about how to reward my efforts so far to keep my motivation and discipline levels high but I haven’t started yet because I’ve always used a reward-style system in the past which nearly always ended in sugar. It would be great to hear any suggestions you have for alternative rewards 🙂

My next post will be a foodie one with 3 tried and tested recipes and photos. Need to get Unicorn Princess (my littlest sister) over to take some proper pics and give me some tips 😉

Keep Climbing! (even if you do slip down a bit)




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