Sloth to Sleek – the launch


Sloth to Sleek is a project I’m launching for myself to overhaul my current way of life to create a healthier body and clearer mind.

Starting stats: Weight = 96kg

Concentration span = not very long 😉

Weekly physical activity:

27th December 2015 – 20 minute run

29th December 2015 – 20 minute run


Having completed a run around the block on Sunday I was feeling pretty sore on Monday morning so I hardly leapt at the chance to go for another run when invited on Tuesday evening. I had put my PJs on immediately when I got home so I really didn’t want to get changed and go out again. However, some light encouragement from my OH was enough to grab my trainers for another go.

Strangely it was harder than the first time both physically and mentally. I think this was because I was still feeling sore and tired from Sunday and I had “switched off” for the evening so it was hard to get my brain going again.

I felt so good afterwards though which really helped keep my motivation levels high all week!

Back in September I started an 8 week sugar detox with my friend and this led to adopting some really good habits. It was really challenging to let go of a certain way of doing things and learn new ways.

I no longer eat dessert after meals and I don’t snack anymore. Also, I rarely eat chocolate (a square of dark chocolate every other week perhaps) and never eat sweets anymore. I don’t drink any soda or other soft drinks which was the hardest thing to quit. I had a really sweet tooth before cutting down and now I can taste things better. It was a really good experience and good preparation for this lifestyle overhaul as I’m not sure I would have been capable of changing all this at the same time!

I will be starting the Beginners 2.0 programme by on Sunday and also following Cassey’s 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge.

Will update on progress of these 2 programmes!

Keep climbing!


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